Friday 8 December 2023
Friday 8 December 2023

VITRUM 2023 vi aspetta dal 5 all’8 settembre presso Fiera Milano Rho con grandi novità e l’entusiasmo che caratterizza da sempre la manifestazione.

50.000 nuove buone ragioni per esporre a VITRUM 2023

US economy stronger than expected

Analysts have revised their forecasts for GDP growth following new macro data which confirmed the robustness of the American economy. Expectations are for interest rates around 1.5% already by...

The environmental accounting of glass remains in the black

The commitments that the country, businesses and world economies are making to concretely achieve an ecological transition, support and implement a circular economy and improve (or at least not...

All the possible uses of glass

Glass is a truly ancient material as it has accompanied humanity for around five thousand years; however, over time, its uses have radically changed. In the times of republican and...