Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024

GLASS IS... Le Qualities del vetro

A new interpretation to make everyone understand that the benefits we experience through everyday objects derive from the know-how and technologies that permeate the entire supply chain.

glass is present in everyday life in windows, doors, mirrors, glasses, bottles, glasses

the glass industry protects safety with the sterility of glass for pharmaceuticals or the resistance of car windscreens

glass is a valid alternative to more polluting materials for various uses, so as to arouse the desire for a healthier and more beautiful environment

glass returns reality for what it is, both in the images and in the use of foods that are not compromised in any way

the glass industry is employed in hi-tech and is fully inserted in the industry 4.0 phase

glass allows us to communicate through the screens of commonly used technological devices, from computers and tablets to smartphones and smartwatches

glass gives design items an aura of refinement and elegance that cannot be found in other materials

today thanks to new technologies it is also possible to create flexible glass, but by its nature glass has always been a material that can be adapted to different uses

the reliability and excellence of the glass industry date back to a very important history and tradition which has evolved over the centuries and has led to the affirmation of the material as it is known today

Glass is glass, transformative enough to always be there and never go out of style: a solid, reliable material, and at the same time transparent and light