Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024

BKM Float Cutting Table

The art of float glass cutting (since 1957)

Designed for glassmakers who want to evolve their business by adopting automated and flexible float cutting systems, BKM float cutting tables offer both the uncompromised high quality and long lifetime typical of Bottero S.p.A. products with an easy-to-use approach for the operator.
Thanks to the modular platform concept, common to all our float cutting systems, BKM cutting tables are equipped with technological solutions and components adopted on our high-end float cutting models also (BCS, EVO), ensuring high performance and strong reliability.

BKM float cutting systems can perform linear and shaped cuts on glass substrates with a thickness up to 19 mm, offering the possibility of making small and medium batch productions and/or customized sizes.
The equipment configurations can be stand-alone and/or in-line with an automatic loader (series 600) and break-out table (series BBM/BLM) ensuring higher versatility of operations always in safe conditions.
Various accessories can be added to the machine like easy deletion tool, air cushion, tilting movement, plastic foil cutting, … .

BKM float cutting tables are Industry 4.0 complaint. Customers can improve their productivity and efficiency thanks to Bottero S.p.A. float cutting solutions.
To support the green transition, Bottero S.p.A. recently achieved the ISO 26000 certification which effectively assess and address our social responsibilities.


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