Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024

Productivity and flexibility at the highest levels

Bottero has always been committed to promoting the development and popularity of laminated glass.
By constantly researching and developing new technological solutions that are able to improve production, as well as increase its possible range of applications.
Bottero cutting lines for laminated glass are the final answer to the growing demand for productivity and flexibility that the market requires.

548LAM represents the point of reference in the cutting systems of laminated glass and it is available in a stand-alone version and a dual-line combined with a monolithic cutting table (BKM, BCS and EVO ranges).
The 548LAM contains various levels of automization that is able to manage fully automatic, complex optimizations with X, Y, Z and W cuts on float glass and low-E; up to 12 + 12mm of thickness.



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    3.01 Automatic straight-line cutting lines

    BKM Float Cutting Table