Friday 12 July 2024
Friday 12 July 2024

US market. Study indicates: focus on smart glasses

Freedonia market research identifies a smart glass business opportunity for the US window manufacturing industry

The 2018 US window and door market is the subject of a market research recently published by Freedonia. The study entitled “Windows & Doors”, now in its 12th edition, analyzes in detail the US window market, which is worth approximately 28 billion dollars, collecting the essential data in 131 tables and 108 figures (also available in Excel and Powerpoint ). The data collected and examined concern the products, materials, market and geographical regions at the production level, excluding the value chain between producers and end customers.

US market

A 28 billion dollar market marked by ups and downs
The research on the US market also analyzes the most significant trends for the world of windows and doors such as the influence of “smart” technologies, standards, environmental regulations, green certification programs, aesthetic and design preferences.

In addition to presenting historical demand data and forecasts up to 2028 by product, material, market and geographical regions, the study offers a reasoned profile of the market leaders including their market shares, marketing strategies, mergers and acquisitions, networks distribution, international developments and pricing policies.

Interesting is the reference to smart glasses, dynamic glasses or intelligent glasses such as electrochromic and similar, glasses capable of modifying the transparency conditions on electrical command up to total darkening. Intelligent sensors applied to dynamic glass can determine its response to changes in temperature and sunshine, to security threats… The US market of window manufacturers could find a new business opportunity in smart glasses, increasing the value and functionality of the products. An indication that could also be valid in our latitudes.

While recognizing that these are niche products, the study of the US window and door market highlights that smart glasses have entered the radar of clients, builders and building managers thanks to the development of IoT-Internet of Things technologies which they allow superior energy efficiency, improved worker productivity and security and privacy functions. Furthermore, they would eliminate the use of external and internal tents.

The main producers of dynamic glass are Kinestral (linked by agreements with AGC), SAGE Electrochromics which became part of Saint-Gobain, Smartglass International and View Dynamic Glass.
The studio is priced at $5,700 for an individual license.

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