Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024

Master Shape 3.7 FR

High Performances

The “Master Shape 3.7 FR” automatic table for shape cutting float glass is the state-of-the art of glass cutting technology available today: excellent performance, compact dimensions and exceptionally quiet operation thanks to the aluminium cutting bridge, racks with inclined teeth and prismatic recirculating ball guides for the movement of the cutting carriage.

Manual loading of the glass sheet is extremely simple thanks to the tilting forks which have automatic lifting and lowering support feet; once the glass sheet has been positioned horizontally, the forks push it onto the work table so that the sheet squaring and engraving cycle can begin without any intervention by the operator.

The “Master Shape 3.7 FR” is a cutting table for float glass, which can be equipped with a grinding wheel for the removal of low-E coating, an automatic printer and labeller, paper and vinyl cutting or with the “Click&Cut” rotary tool changer to quickly select the correct cutting tool. Transparent housing protects the cutting head which, with its modern and functional design, further emphasises the extreme care with which all mechanical components have been manufactured

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