Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024


Chemical tempering of the glass is not something obscure, differently, it is a simple process.

Based on ions exchange between potassium salts and sodium contained into the glass, this treatment has several benefits.

Therefore, what can we do with chemical tempering?

  • lighten some glass jobs, Thin glass can be tempered to help all those installations where the weight is critical, flooring or roofing, fo instance. To break a glass chemically tempered we need a stress 10 – 15 times over the one used to break a glass thermally tempered.
  • temper curved glass
  • glass chemically tempered has excellent optical quality, without distorsion
  • curve cold glass: thin glass chemically tempered can be curved having a superior flexion compared to glass treated differently.
  • drill and cut the glass after the process.

It is time we approach chemical tempering with confidence, knowing the running costs are not so high as we are used to imagine, especially the energy costs. In particular, there is the possibility to experiment chemical tempering on small scale before deciding to go bigger

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