Monday 20 May 2024
Monday 20 May 2024
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Schiatti Angelo srl has an experience of over 65 years of activity as manufacturer of machines for the glass processing, high acknowledge of the production problems and more than 18.000 machines manufactured.

Established in 1950 by Elia Schiatti, today the company is managed by Angelo Schiatti and the 3rd family generation: Cinzia, Emanuela and Alessandro.

The business method merges the flexibility of a friendly structure, which is craftmanship by tradition, to an etrepreneurial approach striving for excellence and constant innovation.  This results in the quality of the Schiatti’s services and products being second to none.

Schiatti Angelo srl offers a wide range of glass machines, a result of considering  the problems presented by glass processors, from the small shop to the big companies.

The present production includes:

–     Straight edgers to grind and polish pencil, flat with arrisses, Ogee and waterfall edges for glass sheets from 3 to 55mm thick with electronically controlled automation device;

  • Double edging machines for simultaneous grinding and polishing on both glass edges. They can process the pencil or flat with arrisses edges, with electronically controlled automation devices such setting up and monitoring the working cycle; for glass size from 80 to 5.000mm in lenght and thicknesses from 2 to 35mm;
  • Complete grinding lines composed of two machines connected by a transfer table are available for processing all four glass sides
  • Automatic and semi-automatic drilling machines with opposite heads
  • Multi head drillers for the simultaneous execution of 2-3-4 holes
  • Loaders/unloaders
  • Vertical drilling/milling machines
  • Drilling centers
  • Straight bevelers for the grinding and polishing of glass as to obtain a bevel from 3° to 45° on thicknesses from 3 to 25mm.
  • Special solutions for automation


Quality, reliability and durability are the distinguishing elements of our machines.

The careful selection of materials and products combined with the experience of solving production problems make us a qualified partner, with sound technical and manufacturing experience that answers to small and big factories both in Italy and International markets.

The Schiatti Angelo Mission is to offer competence and solidity: half a century of “ experience in doing and knowledge”  and of steady commitment for supplying  answers and simple solutions in our machines for glass processing.

Schiatti Angelo maintains an informal style, taking pride in their abilities without being arrogant.

Focused on the real needs of the customers, the company strives to build relationships based on confidence and cooperation in order to reach a mutually beneficial relationship  with customers because the most important thing is setting a positive and constructive relationship.